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How to Set Up a Great Profile

First impressions matter. And they really matter on dating sites where people make snap judgements and decisions in seconds or less! In this post, we'll show you how to set up your profile and your dater's profile on JustKibbitz.

This is what makes JustKibbitz so unique, the dater and the person helping the dater both have a profile page. Let's get started.

First, you'll log in at You can sign up through Facebook, or just use your email address to create an account. Next, you'll enter information about YOU. We'll ask about your dater after we set up your profile.

As you can see, you'll enter basic demographic information. If someone referred you to JustKibbitz with a special referral code, make sure you enter it on this page so they can get earn rewards. You'll get a unique referral code, too.

Now we get into the fun stuff! This tab is all about conservation starters. When another user clicks your profile, give them something to talk to you about. Put in a fun tag line. Let people know what you do for a good time. Remember, you could be talking to your kids future in-laws, so make it fun and friendly.

This is what you came for. Now, we'll start building your sweet bubbelah's profile. Skip the old baby photos. Give us current pictures of your rockstar dater. (for the example, I'm using my kid, who actually is a baby. But you should use non-baby photos!)

Note "Relationship to Dater". This site is not just for moms. Anyone can help anyone find a date. That's why our motto is "help someone you love find someone they'll love."

Just like your profile, your daters needs enough information to be interesting. So give a few details that will naturally lead to conversation.

On this tab you'll enter your dater's preferences. You can change them any time. Actually, you can change any of these fields any time. After you enter this dater, the website will automatically create your search page for you.

And here it is. Your preferences automatically appear, just hit the search button and let the Kibbitzing begin!

Hatzlacha! May your searches be rewarding!

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