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  • How do the dates work?
    We asked single millennials, “Would you go on a date set up by your parents?” About half the time they said, “Sure.” But when you add that the date is pre-paid — as in our Redeemable Date feature — 92 percent of millennials said, “YES!” So that’s how it works. You and the other mom will share the cost of a Starbucks gift card that is sent to both of your grown children. Once they are together, the cards can be activated and used for their date.
  • What’s with the name?
    Kibbitz means “chit-chat” in Yiddish. Kibbitz is just talking, no big deal, don’t worry about it. So when you call your kid and say you found them a hot date and they say, “Ma! You did what?!” Just say, “It’s no pressure, just kibbitz.”
  • Why did you start this?
    My mom was on an online dating site posing as my little brother to find him a date. And while the intention was sweet, the method was misguided. So we thought, why not set up a site for moms like mine to match, message, and set up their kids on quality dates to Justkibbitz
  • Is this for real?
    Yes, very real. 59% of millennials are single or unmarried, and moms worry about what they can do. They just want to help! Now they can.
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