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The Power of Maternal Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based dating apps turn your relationship status into a numbers game. If you are selective, or don’t get swiped on enough (as determined by an algorithm), the AI dictates that you must be less worthy and ranks you lower than other users that are less picky and get swiped on more often... Damn that’s a harsh reality dropped on you by a computer! Forget AI, you need MI (Maternal Intelligence) to enhance your dating life!


We know that look.

I know it sounds crazy, but think about it; who has loved you since before you were born? Who sees the best in you? Who knows what you like, and honestly, what’s good for you? Face it, your mom does.

That’s what JustKibbitz calls Maternal Intelligence. Your mom can see through what AI can’t. She can suss out the real situation, sift through the zeros, and find you the top-shelf USDA Prime Cuts, baby. And she’ll be thrilled to put in the grunt work for you! She’ll pursue your opportunities with zealotry - something AI can only dream of. Step aside AI, Maternal Intelligence is in the house.

57% of users LIE on their dating profiles. How can you trust Artificial Intelligence using bad data? As data crunchers say, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Bad data produces bad results.

“So everyone lies on their dating profile”, you say. Maybe. But only a mom can be your personal advocate and rule out those fakers.

To combat these bad results and untruthful dating profiles, JustKibbitz, a first-of-its-kind online dating website, mothers are encouraged to take the oldest form of dating online by putting their Maternal Intelligence to use to match their adult aged children up on dates. Once a mother joins JustKibbitz, they are immediately part of a larger community of mom’s all working towards the same goal - finding a partner for their child.

The combined force of Maternal Intelligence backed by an immense amount of love from the mothers on the site provides an opportunity for lifelong friendship and potential romantic relationships for the children being matched on dates. Once a mom has found a match for their child, they are given the option to pre-pay for the date to make the deal a little sweeter for their adult-aged child.

Let your mom’s Maternal Intelligence help you on your dating journey

As an added bonus for the dater, the two worst parts of dating are already out of the way before you even go on their first date! 1) Thanks to JustKibbitz, you no longer have to sit through awkward dinners introducing your significant other to your parents, because they already know who they set you up on a date with. And 2) your mom is the matchmaker. So you don’t even have to have your own online dating profile and waste hours of your time swiping and messaging with potential dates. It’s truly a win-win for daters in their 20s - 30s and for your mom as the matchmaker.

Your mother’s Maternal Intelligence only gets stronger and smarter with time. Has your mom ever shown how much she truly knows you? If so, drop us a line, we would love to hear your stories!

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